Severe-Duty Off-Road Gear and Equipment



At Pronghorn Overland Gear we design and build severe-duty, high-performance, off-road gear and expedition-grade equipment designed for life beyond the pavement. Durable, extreme functionality in extreme environments, high-strength, lightweight equipment for people that depend on their equipment to perform without failure in the worst off-road conditions. Designed and manufactured in USA.

LinkTrac All/Terrain, Off-Road Traction, Recovery & Bridging System


Off-Road Traction, Recovery & Bridging System. All-terrain, severe-duty traction and recovery performance in mud, sand, snow and ice. Fast, safe and easy vehicle recovery on all terrain types. High-flotation, aggressive traction surface for crossing bog and soft sand or snow field areas. All-metal aluminum construction provides rugged, durable, severe-duty performance for a lifetime of use in the worst conditions. Full replacement lifetime warranty. US-made.

Alpha A/T Jeep Wrangler bumper

jeep wrangler aluminum bumpers

Our Alpha A/T Jeep Wrangler JK Aluminum Front Bumpers for 2007-2018 models available in 18 configurations and our Omega A/T Rear Bumpers available in 5 configurations allows you to build, upgrade, and reconfigure to meet your specific requirements by simply adding or removing components. Full width or stub outers. Full grill guards, half grill guards or no grill guards. Choose what you need. Our new Omega AllTerrain™ Twin Rear Bumper System brings our functionality and performance to the rear of the Jeep Wrangler JK with an innovative tire and cargo carrier system. Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Omega A/T Jeep Wrangler rear bumper

Omega A/T Twin Rear Bumper

Pronghorn Overland Gear’s Omega A/T Twin™ Rear Bumper for the Jeep Wrangler is a severe-duty, off-road aluminum bumper system for the Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-2018). Available in five configurations, this rear bumper system lets you to select the best options for your specific expedition, overland and off-road requirements. Easily configure, upgrade and reconfigure your Omega A/T Twin with severe-duty recovery points, cargo racks, our SideLoader Drop-Down Tire Carrier, and removable winches.

Alpha A/T Toyota Tacoma bumper

toyota tacoma aluminum bumpers

Our Alpha AllTerrain Tacoma Off-Road Aluminum Front Bumpers for 2005-2015 models available in 5 configurations allowing you to build, upgrade, and reconfigure to meet your specific requirements by simply adding or removing components. The Alpha A/T brings our proven modular front-end system design to the off-road capable Toyota Tacoma. Choose full headlight and grill guards, half grill guards or no grill guards. And coming soon is our new Omega AllTerrain™ Twin Rear Bumper System. Designed and manufactured in the USA. Designed and manufactured in the USA.

off-road aluminum bumpers designed with a focus on extreme functionality in extreme environments

off-road aluminum bumpers, recovery gear, rotator shackle mount

Advanced Recovery + Winch Options

Pronghorn Overland Gear’s Alpha A/T front bumper systems offers a full range of expedition-grade recovery point options to meet your requirements. From recovery hooks or high-strength shackle mounts, to our severe-duty Rotator Shackle Mount, Need a winch? We offer three mounting options: Top mount, our new low-mount design, and our innovative GearMount winch system, which allows you to quickly and easily attach the winch when and where you need it (front, rear or sides of the vehicle).

off-road aluminum bumpers, winch case, gearmount

GearMount™ Accessory Mounting System

Pronghorn Overland Gear designed our Alpha AllTerrain Tacoma and Jeep JK Aluminum Front Bumpers with our patented GearMount Accessory Mounting System. GearMount allows you to quickly and securely attach cargo racks, work/cook tables, recovery winches or any of the other GearMount accessories to your Alpha A/T system, as well as our upcoming Omega A/T Twin rear bumper system and Side Rail Systems. 850 lb cargo capacity, 14,500 lb winch capacity.