jeep wrangler aluminum rear bumpers

omega a/t twin™ off-road rear bumper system

omega scout

Dual 30,000 lb-rated Simpson Recovery Points and winch capable. High-strength, expedition-capable rear bumper to tackle any trail and terrain.


omega ranger

Dual cargo racks for 10 gal./ 20L of fuel or water for the longer trails and tracks. Dual Simpson Recovery Points and winch capable for all-terrain capability.


omega patrol

Rack for cargo or 10 gal./20L of fuel/water. SideLoader Drop-Down Tire Carrier for safe and easy tire access. Winch capable, dual recovery points.


omega trooper xc

Designed for maximum cargo capacity where fuel range or extra water is critical. carries up to four 5 gal/20L containers. Winch capable, dual recovery points.


omega trooper xt

Built for locations where one spare tire is only half the load out specification. Dual SideLoader Drop-Down Tire Carriers. Dual recovery points, winch capable.


build, upgrade, reconfigure

build. upgrade. reconfigure.

Pronghorn Overland Gear’s Omega A/T Twin Rear Bumper System was designed with the idea that not every person is going to need the same rear bumper. Vehicle use, terrain, cargo requirements, accessory mounting points, even how many spare tires you need all create a wide variety of bumper options. So we designed the Omega A/T Twin family of rear bumpers to meet your specific needs. We also designed the Omega system to be able to change when your needs change. The Omega A/T Twin is designed as a fully modular system of cargo racks, tire carriers, accessory mounts, and even winch mounts that allow you to select the bumper that best meets your needs. And then upgrade or reconfigure down the trail as your expedition needs change.

diy install

easy no cut/no drill diy installation

We designed our Omega A/T Jeep Wrangler JK aluminum rear bumper system to be easy for you to install. Have average mechanical skills and a basic selection of tools? Then you are ready to install! No cutting, drilling or welding of metal required. That saves you time and money. Our fully illustrated installation manual takes you through the process step-by-step making the installation easy to understand and easy to accomplish. The modular design and lightweight, high-strength aluminum construction means you won’t need a forklift or four buddies to help you install the system.

made in usa

Innovation – Made in the USA

At Pronghorn Overland Gear we design the gear that you would design. The gear you would design if you sat down and really thought about what you wanted the equipment to do and how you wanted it to perform. Not heavy, rusting steel, but high-performance, high-strength marine-grade and aerospace-grade aluminum. Make the recovery points stronger and safer and easier to use. Make the winch removable so you can mount it on the front bumper AND the rear bumper. We design the gear you think about around the campfire after a day on the trail (or a day pulling your buddy out of the mud). We manufacture all of our gear in the US using the best materials and techniques (hand Tig welded) so it works when you need it. Just like you would design it.

$75 flat rate shipping, ups ground, jeep jk aluminum bumper

Fast $75 Flat-Rate UPS Ground Shipping

$75 shipping. Fast and easy home delivery. No loading docks required. There you go. Unlike other off-road bumpers that must ship via truck freight, the modular design of our Omega A/T Jeep Wrangler JK aluminum rear bumpers lets us ship to you via UPS Ground. That means delivery to your door, not a loading dock. That means delivery in 2-5 days, not weeks (continental US). And flat rate $75 shipping means cheap. We also ship internationally and at a fraction of the cost of shipping a traditional steel bumper system. Call for details. (US Dollars)

designed/manufactured in the usa. lifetime warranty. High-Strength 6061-T6/7075-T6 Aluminum Construction.