Alpha A/T C7 Jeep Wrangler Front Bumper


Built for heavy brush applications, the Pronghorn Alpha AllTerrain™ C7 Jeep Wrangler JK aluminum front bumper system delivers the high-strength, lightweight performance of the Alpha A/T system with a full-height triple grill guard providing maximum grill protection from brush and animal strikes. Solid impact protection for a top mount winch or auxiliary lighting while offering partial radiator and grill protection. Fully-boxed 6061-T6 aluminum construction, 25K lb recovery point (optional dual recovery points), and a range of additional optional severe-duty recovery points and winch mount options. System includes GearMount accessory and winch mounting hard points. No cut, no drill installation. Matching Omega A/T™ Twin rear bumper and tire/cargo carrier system now available. Made in USA.

  • 18 Configurations Fully Modular Design
  • Build to your Requirements Upgrade and Reconfigure
  • Lightweight/High Strength 6061-T6 Aluminum Construction
  • GearMount™ Accessory Mounting System
  • Full Uppers with Triple Grill Guards
  • Weight: 89 LBS / 40 KGS

Accessories not included. Options Shown: Rotator Shackle Mount, Splash Guards, Traction Cleats

Please allow 1-5 weeks for manufacturing.


  • recovery gear

    We understand that everyone is going to have different requirements when it comes to recovery gear, so we give you several levels of recovery gear performance, as well as multiple mounting points.


    Changing the standard Jeep JK front bumper into a full function accessory mounting system and outfitting your vehicle for off-road and expedition work for the specific terrain and task at hand.

  • High-Strength Meets Lightweight
    Pronghorn MFES Jeep JK Aluminum Bumper Features. Traditional off-road gear is strong, but it is also seriously heavy. This extra weight overloads the vehicle suspension and adversely effects vehicle performance, handling, and endurance. Our US-made Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK), a Modular Front-End System (MFES) is built with a fully boxed design for strength and laser cut, Tig welded aluminum for light weight. All the strength of a comparable steel bumper system, at half the weight, for maximum performance.

    Full Modular Design
    Not every off-road vehicle is going to need the same front-end system. You may require full grill and headlight protection. Or perhaps you need maximum approach angles and clearance for technical trails. We designed the Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK) to be fully modular with 18 configurations that allow you to design the front-end system that best fits your specific requirements. Bolt on the stub outers for maximum approach angles or full width outers maximum protection. Select the clean and simple performance of the C1 or C1-S or the full grill and headlight guard protection of the C9 and C9-S. Design the system you need and have the freedom to upgrade and modify as your off-road and expedition requirements change.

    Advanced Recovery Gear Options
    This is off-road and that means you will need recovery gear. For the Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK) we provide multiple recovery gear options, as well as multiple mounting points to meet your specific recovery requirements. From dual recovery hooks, to the high-strength shackle mounts (left and right side mounting options), to our patented maximum strength Rotator Shackle Mount, we offer the largest number of recovery options of any front-end system to meet your needs. Need a winch? We offer a traditional top mount winch option in addition to our innovative GearMount winch system. allowing you to quickly and easily attach the winch when and where you need it.

    GearMount™ Accessory System
    Well designed off-road and expedition gear should include some serious functionality. So, in addition to providing numerous pre-drilled mounting points for your accessories, we added our patented GearMount accessory mounting system. GearMount allows you to quickly and securely attach winches, cargo racks, work/cook tables or any of the other GearMount accessories to the Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK), our rear bumper system and our side rail system. And unlike loose fitting receiver hitch mount designs the GearMount system uses two dedicated mounting points that provide secure, zero-freeplay gear attachment. Can install it with basic hand tools. No die grinders, cut-off wheels, or paint required.

    Convenient UPS Shipping – No Freight Required
    $75 shipping. Fast and easy home delivery. No loading docks required. There you go. Unlike other off-road bumpers that must ship via truck freight, the modular design of the Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK) lets us ship to you via UPS Ground. That means delivery to your door, not a loading dock. That means delivery in 2-5 days, not weeks (continental US). And flat rate $75 shipping means cheap. We also ship internationally and at a fraction of the cost of shipping a traditional steel bumper system. Call for details. (US Dollars)

    Design / Performance

    • Full Modular Design with 18 Configurations
    • Lightweight / High-Strength Aluminum Design
    • Fully Boxed Design for Maximum Strength
    • 2 and 3-Stage Powder Coating
    • Triple Coated Grade 8.8 Fasteners
    • US-Made

    Recovery / Protection

    • Optional Dual Plate Aluminum Skid Plate
    • Advanced Multiple Recovery Gear Options
    • Optional Gearmount Winch System
    • Optional Top Mount Winch
    • Optional HiLift Jack Shackle System
    • Integral Jack Points


    • Pre-Drilled Auxiliary Light Mounts (9 Locations)
    • Factory Driving Light Mounts
    • Multiple Cargo Tie-Down Points
    • Optional Traction Cleats
    • Optional Splash Guards

    Installation and Shipping

    • No Cut / No Drill Installation
    • UPS / FedEx Shipping – No Freight Required

    Made in USA

  • Lightweight Strength Matters
    Off-road and expedition gear needs to do two primary things: 1) Protect the vehicle from a reasonable level of possible damage, and 2) not restrict or inhibit the performance of the vehicle. Most companies building off-road gear do very well in building for Item 1, but they seem to neglect Item 2. This has resulted in some extremely strong, but extremely heavy vehicle protection equipment and heavy does not mix well with vehicle performance or cargo capacity.

    The additional weight of a heavy steel front bumper translates directly into a reduction in vehicle performance (off-road capabilities on soft surfaces, acceleration, braking, and handling). In addition, the increase in weight of the front (and rear) bumper components directly effects the cargo weight capacity of the vehicle. The heavier the bumper, the less gear you can carry based on your suspension set-up. And these performance and cargo reductions also mean a reduction in vehicle range, due to both reduced fuel economy and reduced extra fuel capacity (lower available cargo weight).

    Fully Boxed Strength
    A well designed off-road front-end system needs to be strong enough to absorb and deflect impacts. The Pronghorn Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK) is engineered with a fully boxed design to shrug off off-road impacts. This design is considerably stronger than the open or U-section design used by nearly every other manufacturer. Our fully boxed design is more expensive to produce, but it gives us a stronger and lighter part.

    This fully boxed structure is also design to provide controlled deformation in a vehicle-to-vehicle collision. This “as strong as it needs to be” approach allows the Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK) to shrug off impacts found in off-road environments, while still providing the right amount of deformation during collisions to protect the vehicle frame and crumple zones, as well as the vehicle occupants. A bumper is of little value if your bumper survives the collision, but your frame is damaged and your Jeep is totaled.

    Aluminum, Corrosion and Coatings
    When designing the Pronghorn Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK), as well as our upcoming Modular Rear Bumper System (MRBS), we knew we needed to reduce weight while still providing strength. High-strength aluminum was the logical choice. Ask an engineer, or anyone in motorsports or aerospace, and they will tell you the benefits of aluminum: Lightweight, excellent strength-to-weight ratio, and minimal maintenance (rust proof).

    We engineered every aspect of the Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK) to contend with the abuses of the off-road environment while still delivering lightweight performance. The main and outer body sections of the Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK) are constructed from 3/16” 6061-T6, marine-grade aluminum to provide optimal strength and impact resistance. Recovery gear and mounting points are CNC machined from 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum for extra strength.

    One of the key advantages of aluminum in the off-road environment is that, unlike steel, is does not rust. This can be a big advantage if you are in environments with salt exposure (salted roads, coastal regions) that can take a heavy toll on steel components. Though that doesn’t mean we don’t take our coatings seriously. All components receive a 2-stage Dupont powder coating process. The center and outer body sections also receive an alodine dip to fully coat the interior of the components.

    To ensure high-strength performance we use all grade 8.8 fasteners on the Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK) treated with a 3-stage OE-grade coating for maximum corrosion protection (1,000+ hr salt spray test certification).

    Whether the aluminum structure, the coatings or the fasteners. Every aspect of the Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK) has been designed to deliver lightweight and high-strength performance in every off-road and expedition scenario.

    Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK) Center and Outer Body Sections

    • 3/16” 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Laser Cut
    • CNC Bent
    • Tig Welded

    Upper Sections

    • 1/4” 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Laser Cut

    Recovery Gear and Mounting Points

    • 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 Aluminum
    • CNC Machined

    Powder Coating and Protection

    • 2-Stage Powder Coating (Dupont)

    Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK) Body and Outers

    • Alodine Dipped / 2-Stage Powder Coating (Dupont)


    • Grade 8.8
    • 3-Stage OE-Grade Coating – Maximum Corrosion Resistance (1000+ hr salt spray test)

    Made in USA

  • We designed the Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK) to be easy for you to install with basic hand tools and mechanical skills with no cutting, drilling or welding of metal required. That saves you time and money. Our fully illustrated installation manual takes you through the process step-by-step making the installation easy to understand and easy to accomplish. The modular design and lightweight, high-strength construction means you won’t need a forklift or four buddies to help you install the system.

    Required Tools and Materials:
    The Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK) is a No Cut / No Drill installation. To efficiently complete the installation of your Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK) you will need the following tools and materials, in addition to those parts supplied with your Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK).


    • 7mm Socket (and suitable ratchet)
    • 10mm Socket (and suitable ratchet)
    • 17mm Socket (and suitable ratchet)
    • 19mm Socket (and suitable ratchet)
    • Phillips and standard screwdrivers
    • 7mm Wrench (box/open)
    • 10mm Wrench (box/open)
    • 17mm Wrench (box/open)
    • 19mm Wrench (box/open)


    • Masking Tape
    • Touch-up Paint (for vehicle frame if required)

    Jeep JK aluminum bumper (MFES-JK) Install Guides:

Alpha A/T C7 Jeep Wrangler Front Bumper

Built for heavy brush applications, the Pronghorn Alpha A/T C7 Jeep Wrangler Front Bumper system delivers the high-strength, lightweight performance of the Alpha A/T system with a full-height triple grill guard providing maximum grill protection from brush and animal strikes.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 41 in
Shackle Mount Position, Color, Single/Dual

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