Pronghorn Overland Gear Introduces Their New Line of US-Made, Modular  Aluminum Front-End Systems

Boerne, Texas – Pronghorn Overland Gear is new in the off-road and expedition equipment market and for the serious vehicle-based adventurer that is a very good thing. We bring a new way of looking at traditional off-road gear. For our new Modular Front-End Protection System, our engineers turned to strong and lightweight marine-grade and aerospace-grade aluminum, which brings all the strength of traditional steel front bumpers at half the weight. Waterjet and laser cut, CNC formed, TIG welded and powder coated, our components combine precision quality and craftsmanship with a corrosion resistant durability that can never be matched by traditional steel parts. The limited functionality of traditional front bumpers is replaced with a modular, customizable component package that can be configured and reconfigured into 18 different designs, allowing you to tailor a front-end protection system specifically to your off-road and expedition requirements.

From a basic, full-width front bumper to a rockcrawler-style stub bumper and full headlight/grill guard package, you can build the exact front-end system you need. This flexibility also allows for easy upgrades or modifications to your system as your off-road needs and budget evolve. All systems use our patent pending GearMount accessory mounting system allowing for quick and secure mounting of winches, racks, and other expedition hardware. The Pronghorn Modular Front-End System also features our patented 360º Rotator Shackle Mount which allows a standard 3/4” recovery shackle to rotate to any pull angle, eliminating dangerous extreme angle shackle weak points for safer and faster vehicle recovery. And all Pronghorn components are US-made using the best materials for the job. At Pronghorn Overland Gear our goal is to create a new standard for off-road and expedition equipment.

Visit us at the Overland Expo 2013 (Booth 49) for a demonstration and detailed information on our complete line of new and innovative off-road and expedition gear. We look forward to meeting you.

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